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Estate Planning

Estate Planning in Montgomery County, MD

Wills & more in Montgomery, Prince Georges & Frederick counties

Alan B. Frankle represents individuals and families in Rockville, Maryland, and surrounding towns and counties who need to formulate an estate plan.

It’s important to understand that you do not have to be wealthy to develop an estate plan.  The majority of our clients are middle-class people who work hard to support their families.

Alan charges rates that are as reasonable as he can allow in order to ensure that people feel comfortable with him while creating a plan that protects their loved ones, distributes their assets as they wish, and considers tax implications upon beneficiaries.

Writing a will is an important step for anyone.  Our law office offers a relaxed and empathetic environment in which to learn about your will so that the document Alan writes for you distributes your assets as you wish.

Trusts & other will alternatives

Sometimes, it makes more sense for your family—either because of what assets you have or because of how you want to distribute your assets—to create an estate plan that uses vehicles other than a will:

  • Trusts
  • Life insurance policies
  • Payable-on-death bank accounts
  • Joint tenancies for spouses
  • Gifts

There may be tax benefits to this approach or it may avoid probate—that is, the process of administering a will.

If will alternatives suit your wishes better, Alan explains how they work and why they might be favorable for you, so that you can decide for yourself and your loved ones.

Making healthcare decisions

The law office writes documents that let you determine what happens in the event of an illness or accident that leaves you unable to communicate your wishes:

  • Healthcare powers of attorney
  • Advanced directives
  • Living wills

Alan remains patient and sensitive throughout your time together, so that you can make informed and relevant decisions about what is best for you and your family.

Please contact the office to learn more about estate planning in Montgomery County or other parts of Maryland.  Initial consultations are always free.

Call 1 301 217-0505 for Montgomery County estate planning.

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