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Guardianship in Montgomery County, Maryland and throughout Maryland

One of the most difficult times that a family can face is when a family member becomes disabled to the extent that she/he can no longer effectively handle his/her financial affairs.  Similarly, there are times when a person can no longer make effective decisions for his or her health care or living choices.  Such disabilities may be the result of dementia, a physical or mental disability, or the result of an injury.  Under such circumstances, the law provides for a procedure for the Circuit Court to appoint a qualified person to serve as a disabled person’s guardian.

The procedure for the appointment of a guardian is technical and requires specific notice requirements because a disabled person is being deprived of certain constitutional rights.  In addition, the statutes creating a guardianship and rules that govern the proceedings themselves, are intended to insure that a disabled person is provided with due process.

Upon the appointment of a guardian, usually a close family member, the court continues to oversee the actions of the guardian so long as the disability continues.

A client who needs to bring an action for the appointment of a guardian needs the assistance of an experienced attorney.  The guardianship procedure can be a thorny labyrinth for the layperson or for an attorney who is inexperienced in this area of the law.

Please contact the office to consult about a guardianship proceeding in Rockville or elselwhere nearby.  Initial consultations are always free. Call 1 301 217-0505 for Maryland guardianship.

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